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Saguitar (CD)

Saguitar (CD)

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The album title Saguitar is based on his star sign, Sagittarius. There are 14 blistering tracks, all written by Alvin, that include rockers like "Anytime U Want Me" and more reflective pieces such as "The Squeeze." This song evokes that special time of day devoted to reflection. "The Squeeze" comes just before you go to sleep at night and start thinking about the day and wondering, did I do right? One of my greatest joys is writing songs, and it's a magical experience. I sit there with my Big Red Gibson guitar and a tape recorder and pluck themes out of the ether. 

One surprise item is Rapper, built up from drum loops. Explains Alvin: "I stuck all these drum rhythms together, which is really rather cool. I did my own drum fills and laid some hot guitar over the top. It's a rap song, some people have said is fantastic".

Alvin is delighted with Saguitar and says tunes like Motel Blues make his hair bristle. It creates a melancholic moment, and that produces the best kind of music. A lot of my songs, like Midnite Train, are not really personal. I just put myself into a Mississippi mode, although I haven't been to a train station in years. It's all about the romance of the road and hopping on freight trains. Overall, though, this is a non-traveling album. Saguitar follows the critically acclaimed album from 2004, Alvin Lee In Tennessee, which was recorded with rock n roll legends Scotty Moore and D.J. Fontana, Elvis Presley's original band.

As a Sagittarian, Alvin feels his personal characteristics are fairly well-defined. A Sagittarian is supposed to be outgoing; he's symbolized by a man's head and torso on a horse holding a bow and arrow. Just like me. So, I guess Saguitar is now the 13th sign of the Zodiac. Sounds like witchcraft, doesn't it? Must be a Black Sabbath album!

Track List

  1. Anytime U Want Me
  2. The Squeeze
  3. It's Time to Play
  4. Midnight Train 
  5. Motel Blues
  6. Only Here for the Ride
  7. Memphis
  8. Got a Lot of Living to Do
  9. Blues has got a Hold of Me
  10. It's All Good
  11. Education
  12. Rapper
  13. Smoking Rope
  14. Rocking Rendezvous

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