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The Last Show (CD)

The Last Show (CD)

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Alvin Lee died on March 6, 2013, due to complications from a routine surgical procedure. As fate would have it, the last show he would ever play, Raalte, Holland, on May 28, 2012, would be recorded. It was never intended to be released, but after Alvin heard it, he decided it was so good and so special that he should make it available to his fans. He was getting it ready when he passed. When we heard it, we all agreed. The result is a beautifully packaged audio scrapbook documenting the culmination of a legend's career. The music is brilliant, and there are plenty of photos of the show, along with personal notes from his widow, band, and fans, all of whom were at the show.

Track List

  1. Hear Me Calling
  2. I Can't Keep from Crying Sometimes
  3. How Do You Do It 
  4. My Baby Left Me 
  5. Country Thing
  6. I Don't Give a Damn
  7. I'm Writing You a Letter
  8. Slow Blues in 'C'
  9. I'm Gonna Make It
  10. Scat Encounter
  11. I Woke up This Morning 
  12. Love Like a Man
  13. Going Home
  14. Rip It Up

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