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In Flight (CD)

In Flight (CD)

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22 song double CD--remastered. Includes 2 bonus tracks.

Departed from Ten Years After, the group's lead singer / guitarist Lee comes up with a live set featuring some of the good old rock and roll he's always loved so much, with a fine sprinkling of soul and some originals thrown in. Lee is at home with this material going easier on the "mile a minute" guitar solos he became known for (there are still some here) and concentrating more on his singing, which is excellent. Something here for all the Ten Years After fans and some new things for those that never got involved with the band. 

Track List

  1. Got to Keep Moving 
  2. Going Through the Door
  3. Don't Be Cruel
  4. Money Honey 
  5. I'm Writing You a Letter
  6. You Need Love Love Love
  7. Freedom For the Stallion
  8. Every Blues You've Ever Heard
  9. All Life's Trials
  10. Intro
  11. Let's Get Back
  12. Ride My Train
  13. There's a Feeling
  14. Running Round
  15. Mystery Train
  16. Slow Down
  17. Keep a Knocking 
  18. How Many Times
  19. I've Got Eyes for You Baby
  20. I'm Writing You a Letter (Alt. Edit)
  21. Somebody Callin' Me (Bonus Track)
  22. Put It in a Box (Bonus Track)

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