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Live At 25 - Silver Anniversary (Double CD)

Live At 25 - Silver Anniversary (Double CD)

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The newest and most exciting live recording from John Kay & Steppenwolf. Two disks featuring 23 songs from the '60s through the '90s as well as two new tunes: “Rocket Ship” and “Make The Best Of What You Got,” recorded during the group's 25th Anniversary Tour. Contains all the hits, those that should have been and a great 28 page booklet as well.

Track List

  1. Move Over
  2. Who Needs Ya
  3. Rocket Ship
  4. Rock Me
  5. I'm Movin' On
  6. Sookie Sookie
  7. Sign on the Line
  8. Hootchie Kootchie Man
  9. Let's Do It All
  10. Hew Lawdy Mama
  11. Do or Die
  12. Desperation
  13. Hold On
  14. Best of What You Got
  15. Ride With Me
  16. Rock 'N Roll War
  17. Snowblind Friend
  18. Monster
  19. Rise and Shine
  20. Magic Carpet Ride
  21. Born To Be Wild
  22. The Pusher
  23. Rock & Roll Rebels

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