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Fresh Fruit In Foreign Places 12" LE Gold Vinyl (Remastered 2021)

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A 1981 classic remastered in 2021 and reissued in on Limited Edition Gold Vinyl with a collector's piece gold foil stamped jacket cover. 

“Kid Creole's music arrives wearing a Panama hat, smoking a Havana cigar, and carrying a battered old suitcase plastered with the names of exotic places. Out of this jamboree bag could come anything from James Brown to Cole Porter. Kid Creole is August Darnell and August Darnell is the tropical Dan Hicks. He mixes Broadway, swing, salsa, funk, soul-calypso and reggae in a gigantic melting pot, cooking up not a puree so much as a vegetable soup. You can taste the constituents, but the flavour is mixed." - Paul Rambali, 1981

Track List

  1. Going Places
  2. In The Jungle
  3. Animal Crackers
  4. I Stand Accused
  5. Latin Music
  6. Musica Americana
  7. I Am
  8. Schweinerei
  9. Gina, Gina
  10. With a Girl Like Mimi
  11. Table Manners
  12. Dear Addy

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