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Still on the Road to Freedom (CD)

Still on the Road to Freedom (CD)

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Alvin Lee has delivered the finest work of his career with Still On The Road To Freedom, a true masterpiece. It contains 13 Alvin Lee songs in a journey all its own, traveling from On The Road To Freedom, back to the '50s, up to the present day, then arriving full circle to Love Like A Man, A Ten Years After classic. In 1972, after Woodstock catapulted Ten Years After into the rock arenas, Alvin Lee decided to take the road to freedom rather than the road to fame and fortune. In 1973, he recorded his first solo work, On The Road To Freedom, with Mylon Lefevre. It was a major change in Alvin's work with TYA as it wasn't just a hard-driven rock/blues album but a collection of introspective songs with acoustic guitars and strong melodies. Alvin never looked back as TYA broke up in 1974. A true masterpiece of an album, Still On The Road To Freedom, will be a fan favorite that surely we can spread to the masses. As Alvin says, he prefers to let the music play and speak for itself.

Track List

  1. Still on the Road to Freedom
  2. Listen to Your Radio Station
  3. Midnight Creeper
  4. Save My Stuff
  5. I'm a Luck Man
  6. Walk on, Walk Tall
  7. Blues Got Me so Bad
  8. Song of the Red Rock Mountain
  9. Nice & Easy
  10. Back in '69
  11. Down Line Rock
  12. Rock You
  13. Love Like a Man 2

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