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Wise Guy (Remastered 2021) (CD)

Wise Guy (Remastered 2021) (CD)

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Fans will appreciate the all new and much-improved mastering on audio files ripped from the original Sire Records tape masters. These classic Kid Creole and The Coconuts reissues were remastered by Matt Lynch in 2021 using a 192kHz / 24 bit archive of the original Flat Master ½” tape. The Flat Master is the ideal source for mastering, having none of the applied EQ or limiting effects used to cut lacquers other physical media. Package includes previously unpublished photos.

Track List

    1. Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy
    2. I'm a Wonderful Thing, Baby
    3. Imitation
    4. I'm Corrupt
    5. Loving You Made a Fool out of Me
    6. Stool Pigeon
    7. The Love We Have
    8. No Fish Today

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