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Doppelganger (Remastered 2021) (CD)

Doppelganger (Remastered 2021) (CD)

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Remastered in 2021! Says the Kid himself: 

"THE MASTERS ARE MASTERFUL! Yes indeed. These tracks have never sounded so crisp and bottom-full!!!!"  - August Darnell

Fans will appreciate the all new and much-improved mastering on audio files ripped from the original Sire Records tape masters. These classic Kid Creole and The Coconuts reissues were remastered by Matt Lynch in 2021 using a 192kHz / 24 bit archive of the original Flat Master ½” tape. The Flat Master is the ideal source for mastering, having none of the applied EQ or limiting effects used to cut lacquers other physical mediaPackage includes previously unpublished photos. Contains the popular tracks "The Lifeboat Party", "Back in The Field Again" and "There's Something Wrong In Paradise".

Armed with a fresh batch of tropical tales, August Darnell (aka Kid Creole) leads his band of eccentric vagabonds in another episode of the continuing saga of Mimi. Of course, it's not necessary to read the esoteric liner notes, nor is a knowledge of previous chapters required to enjoy the installment entitled Doppelganger. As usual, the only prerequisite is an acquired taste for the bizarre, often comical travelogues set to exotic pop which represent the essence of Kid Creole & the Coconuts. Darnell's infatuation with international environments results in a soundtrack characterized by ubiquitous percussion and spirited brass and woodwinds, although electric guitar also figures prominently in several songs.

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Track List

    1. The Lifeboat Party
    2. Underachiever
    3. If You Wanna Be Happy
    4. Distractions
    5. Survivors
    6. Call Me the Entertainer
    7. There's Something Wrong in Paradise
    8. It's a Wonderful Life
    9. Bongo Eddie's Lament
    10. Broadway Rhythm
    11. Back in the Field Again
    12. The Seven Year Itch  

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