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Live in Paris 1985 CD

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Recorded at Le Zenith, Paris, September 10th, 1985.

At the zenith of their career, with the complete original line up of Creoleans, Kid Creole & The Coconuts take the stage in Paris to perform and record one of the hot and unforgettable shows that made them famous. The band loved Europe and Europe loved them right back. You can hear it in the applause and the rebounding energy from the stage. In fact, the band is so tight that they never stop playing and we are pretty sure that the audience never stopped dancing (or smiling). The last beat of every song is also the first beat of the next song and this party is a festive and wild ride. Grab a piece of dance floor and hang on!

Track List

  1. Don’t Take My Coconuts
  2. My Male Curiosity
  3. Table Manners
  4. Mr. Softie
  5. Annie, I’m Not Your Daddy
  6. I’m a Wonderful Thing, Baby
  7. No Fish Today
  8. Dear Addy
  9. Stool Pigeon
  10. Say Hey
  11. The Lifeboat Party
  12. Endicott
  13. Indiscreet
  14. Caroline Was A Dropout

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