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On the Road to Freedom (CD)

On the Road to Freedom (CD)

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This side project of Alvin Lee (departing from Ten Years After's no-holds-barred style) contains some of his best work. Hooking up with American gospel singer Mylon Le Fevre, Lee served up helpings of more textured, sophisticated music than TYA. Even overt rockers like 'Riffin' and 'Fallen Angel' exhibit a more "roots-rock" sound than such songs as '50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain'.

Using the talents of many big names (Guests include, George Harrison, Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi & Ron Wood), the result is more varied and intricate than previous works. Even his blistering guitar work shows more finesse than usual with TYA's releases. In my opinion, one of Alvin Lee's best songs (maybe his very best) is the titular 'On the Road to Freedom'; with Mylon Le Fevre providing only backing vocals on this track, it effectively is Alvin Lee and Traffic (Steve Winwood on piano, Jim Capaldi on drums and Rebob on congas). Boy, is it one great song. Searing guitar, solid drumming, tasteful piano, a rousing melody and Lee's vocals never sounding better.

Review By Dennis Hawley of VINE VOICE

Track listing:

  1. On the Road to Freedom - (Alvin Lee)
  2. "The World Is Changing (I Got a Woman Back in Georgia) - (Lee, Mylon LeFevre)
  3. So Sad (No Love of His Own) - (George Harrison) 
  4. Fallen Angel - (Lee) 
  5. Funny - (Lee) 
  6. We Will Shine - (LeFevre) 
  7. Carry My Load - (Lee) 
  8. Lay Me Back - (LeFevre) 
  9. Let 'Em Say What They Will - (Ron Wood) 
  10. I Can't Take It - (LeFevre)
  11. Riffin - (Lee, LeFevre)
  12. Rockin' 'Til the Sun Goes Down - (Lee, LeFevre) 
  13. So Sad (No Love of His Own) [Single Version] - (Harrison) 

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