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I Too Have Seen The Woods (CD)

I Too Have Seen The Woods (CD)

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Sixth studio album released by musical group Kid Creole and the Coconuts. First released in 1987 and includes the single "Dancing at the Bain Douches".

Nobody gives you adventure and so many characters and styles all at once and wears as many hats as Kid Creole. The music on here is cool and it swings and grooves. The lyrics are living life fast and with ease and always keeping your cool. The music struts and feels so lively and always has.

Track List

    1. Buttermilk Channel
    2. Part Of My Design
    3. Agony...Ecstasy
    4. Dancin' At The Bains Douches
    5. El Hijo
    6. Cold Wave
    7. So Far, So Good
    8. Midsummer Madness
    9. Consider Me
    10. Boxed Out
    11. Call It A Day
    12. Endicott (Live in Atlantic City, 1996)
    13. El Hijo (Live in Antibes France, 1987)

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